Sweets 4 U Inc.,  

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About the owner

Hello, I am Freda D. Darden a native of North Carolina, married to Pastor Johnnie M. Darden Sr.  we have two great children, Johnnie Jr. & Amber .  I love to cook, but most of all I love to bake that is one of my passions.  I love to see people happy when they bite into something that makes them smile and feel good inside.

 I attended the Culinary School of Grandma Martha Wallace for 18 years.  I graduated with passion, love, sense of taste, smell, texture & a unique understanding of high quality ingredients.

 I am the owner of Sweets 4 U Inc. which was started out of the love and request for our famous sweet potato pie.  I have been cooking and baking all my life, as a young child I use to bake M&M brownies and M&M cookies and sold them on the bus, because they never made it to school.  Before going fulltime into the baker business I own and operated my home childcare for over 13yrs. 

  I love children and working with the youth to help guide and direct them in a positive way.  God is the head of my life and without God I am nothing I pray over everything I do even when I am cooking and baking.   I want the very best for you and God is the very best.  Just know when you pray over your food I have prayed also.  I have a Bachelor degree in Business Organization Management, Associates degree in Early Childhood & Business Finance Associates.

               Freda D. Darden