Sweets 4 U Inc.,  

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Cook with Me Live every Saturday and book your cooking classes for the 1st of each Sunday. This meal will help you cut down on cooking throughout the week.

I am Freda a native of North Carolina and love cooking and baking just the way my grandma Martha taught me with love and soul. I have been cooking and baking for over 35yr.

Learn how to cook and bake your way, your style, and to your taste, we keep it simple, but fun. During our classes you will have all the info you need for your class our classes with be 2hr this is to make sure everyone gets the proper attention they will need. 

After you have purchased your class, you will receive a link to our facebook room classes clasfng,

How to Prepare, step-by-step:
  1. Choose your preferred date and time on the calendar.
  2. Receive a confirmation email with a link to join the video call (secure and private).
  3. You will receive a list of ingredients and all material.
  4. Prepare your phone and laptop before the session. Open the video call with the link on both devices.
  5. Mute the phone & lower the volume to 0 and use only the back camera to show your hands to the teacher.
  6. Turn on your laptop’s camera, mic and volume to show your overall cooking station and face and also be able to always be able to look at what your teacher is doing.
  7. Enjoy

  8. Zoom class for Sunday April 3 we will be cooking Southern-shepherd's pie
    •  Ground beef, turkey or lamb your choice of meat, mixed vegetables frozen or fresh, Garlic powder, Onion powder, Parsley, wet garlic, Italian herb paste, Yellow onion, butter, olive oil,  black pepper, salt, this is your time to use any seasons that you like to help season your beef and vegetables, powder gravy mix
  9. Mashed potato: Idaho potato, butter, garlic salt, milk or whipping cream.
  10. Homemade yellow cake with homemade chocolate frosting
  11. self-rising flour, eggs, sugar, buttermilk, butter, vanilla flavoring, powder sugar, & coco powder.